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November 07, 2007


Kevin Marks

Brian, it's great to see public discussion of OpenSocial like this. As you say, the choice of who constitutes Friends is up to the Container site, but that is a key point of the API - to make it so that the Gadgets don't need to maintain their own Friends networks, but can use the one that belongs to the social context they are running in.
I think you have slightly misunderstood what Orkut is doing - it is only returning Friends who are able to install the application (ie Friends who are within the sandbox experiment). Clearly you have already been successful at getting people in the sandbox to install Newsgator.
Do bring this discussion to the OpenSocial developer forums too - that should be a place to find more Orkut sandbox Friends

Brian Kellner

Thanks Kevin. We primarily wanted to post these thoughts and questions here to get feedback from a broader audience including business stakeholders.

Thanks for the correction on Orkut. The API's have evolved tremendously in the past few weeks and the discussion in the developer forums is like a tidalwave!

Our best products have always come by bringing stakeholder feedback to our developers, so we'll be posting a few more thoughts and questions in the coming days.

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