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November 28, 2007


Paul M. Watson

"It’s a good bet there are some bright minds considering this problem right now…"

Surely this is Google's strategy? They aren't selling OpenSocial, they are selling ads that happen to work well in OpenSocial.

They get sites to incorporate OpenSocial and then provide an AdSense module for OpenSocial gadget developers. Google then gets their ads displayed in properties they wouldn't normally get into. OpenSocial gadgets are even easier to install than AdSense script blocks for blogs/webites.

OpenSocial containers that "pragmatically" monitor gadgets will have a difficult time rejecting ad-loaded gadgets while still allowing enough gadgets in to be of use to its users.

It is going to be difficult for sites to successfully manage this transition. From controlling the ads that appear on their sites to allowing ads in gadgets they have no control over )or revenue share in) to be displayed on their sites.

Jeff Nolan

The point about providing sites with the ability to enforce advertising rules is important. Consider Myspace which does not allow ads in widgets.

You might also take a look at the applicability of Google's Gadget Ads program in this respect.



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