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February 11, 2008


peter caputa

Well written, Jeff.

I certainly the business value to a media company to know what content is being consumed off of their site.

And I certainly respect that you're anonymizing this data and providing portability. You run little risk of pissing off the privacy advocates.

However, it seems like you're ignoring the potential of providing personalized content and ads to end users who wouldn't mind that your computers watched what we read in order to inform what we read next.

Jeff Nolan

Thanks Peter.

I think we are providing personalized, both defined and behavioral based, in our client applications. We have not made the jump to ads based on feedback that has consistently run negative on that topic.

By supporting APML we are in effect allowing third parties to use this behavioral information but given the early stage of development for that spec we haven't seen a lot of commercial activity yet.

peter caputa

Good stuff, Jeff. I'm still stuck in bloglines and lately my reading has shifted to simply techmeme and a few other blogs. I'll have to check out your client at some point.

And I need to explore APML a bit to think through potential commercial applications.

Chris Saad

Well written Jeff - it's great to see Newsgator embracing APML in this way and providing the value back to users.

We should catch up while I am in the valley.

daniela barbosa

Good to see the topic of attention in content delivery being addressed and i look forward to hearing more. In October when Newsgator first announced its support of APML i was excited about the potential Enterprise use which i described in this post:

Would love to learn more about how Newsgator is applying these principles of Attention and APML standards specifically into your Enterprise product suite.

Jeff Nolan

Thanks Chris, would look forward to meeting up in person.

Daniela, I will put you on our list and make sure you get updates about this.


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Well said, this post is really nice and well written. I am used to read crap while blogging around but this one doesn't fall into that category. The information you posted is precise and interesting to read. I didn't know that newsgator were going to embrace APML, but this seems good. We'll see how it develops in a near future.

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